Route 10 connects Flooded Cave to the south and Ironside Village to the north. The route is subject to a constant downpour of rain.

Obtainable Pokémon

The King of Storms

By the edge of a one-way ledge, there is a man in a strange outfit who describes himself as "The King of Storms". He will give you a questionnaire to complete, and the answers are as follows:

  • Question 1: Storms
  • Question 2: The Weather Domain
  • Question 3: Yes or Yes
  • Question 4: Any answer


  • TM18 - Rain Dance: In a hidden chest in the southeast corner of the map.
  • King's Rock: Successfully answer the King of Storm's questions.
  • Net Ball x3: In a chest situated to the east of School Kid Joe/Youngster Charlie.


  • Hiker Douglas: Lv. 26 Nosepass, Lv. 28 Graveler, Lv. 28 Cranidos
  • Hiker Manfred: Lv. Lv 27 Graveler, Lv. 28 Dugtrio
  • Black Belt Jonah / Battle Girl Paula: Lv. 30 Machoke / Lv. 30 Medetite
  • School Kid Joe / Youngster Charlie: Lv. 30 Mr. Mime / Lv. 27 Aipom, Lv. 29 Eevee
  • Picnicker Caroline: Lv. 24 Nidoran♀, Lv. 26 Nidrorina, Lv. 28 Bibarel
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